We help children develop an ability to succeed with activities of daily living that otherwise challenge them in demanding ways. Our therapists’ success record is always improving with steady advancement of specialized skills. This is our hallmark, and in so doing we provide parents and their children with a higher degree of self-trust and self-reliance at home and in the everyday world.

Santa Fe Therapy Associates

Our clinic offers a precise and diverse approach to understanding why, when, or even if a patient needs therapy. An established team of licensed veteran clinicians treat and co-treat patients using personalized Evaluations and Plans of Care. Each clinician earns clinical competency credits every year to stay abreast of advancing and evolving “medically acceptable practices”. Each therapist personally and professionally makes sense of circumstances, and facts, about a patient.

All clinicians have obtained higher education diplomas and virtually all of them have a Masters Degrees. Each clinician is fully credentialed to practice in-state. New Mexico is their home and the majority has established residency in Santa Fe for many years.  Their backgrounds and schooling are diverse.


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